6 critical features when selecting a marketing automation tool for your brokerage

Marketing automation can be a powerful tool for marketers to manage their online marketing programs, but successful marketing automation is only as good as its implementation. Without correct implementation, marketers are not as likely to see the full potential of marketing automation realized.

The first step to successfully implementing marketing automation within your organization is to select the right tool. It may sound obvious, but with a slew of available solutions crowding the market, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish which marketing automation platform is right for you. While most platform providers offer similar tools, like automated programs, web visitor tracking and lead score systems, many offer additional features your company may or may not need. Be sure to evaluate and make sure you don’t end up paying for features you won’t use.

How do you select the marketing automation tool that is the right fit for your financial brokerage? We provide you with criteria that you should consider in order to guarantee the success and effectiveness that marketing automation will bring to your brokerage’s ROI:

Ease of use. Look for a marketing automation platform that is intuitive, making it easy to work with. Each solution’s interface is different, so make sure to choose one that you find easy to manage or that is at least easy to learn to operate.

Training. While you want a platform that is easy to operate and intuitive, a platform provider that offers training can help your marketing team obtain the skills necessary to fully exploit the benefits of marketing automation technology.

API availability. Make sure your selected marketing automation tool is able to integrate with a series of third party systems. Leverate’s Optim8, for example has the ability to integrate with your CRM, trading platform and even your AdWords amongst other acquisition channels. The benefit of which means that the system is rich with valuable data, allowing you to target your audience so much more effectively.

Support. Selecting a vendor that stands behind its product with best-in-class customer support, regardless of the customer’s size.

Price. As many as there are marketing automation platforms available, there are even more pricing structures available. Prices can vary considerably between vendors. When evaluating vendors, consider all of the costs and add-ons, like set up costs, implementation, training, monthly fees, etc

Terms. Especially when you are trying a new marketing automation tool, you don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract, after all, you don’t know if it is the right fit for your company and your team. Opt for an annual contract, rather than a multi-year agreement. That will give you enough time to identify that this is the right tool for your brokerage without having to indefinitely commit.


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