AMF claims closure of 138 Binary Options and FX websites in past three years

For several years, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) has been mobilized to prevent and protect savers from the dangers of highly speculative trading. Since 2014, its legal actions to obtain the blocking in France of access to illegal sites have led to the closure of 138 Internet addresses.

Faced with the development of trading proposals on Forex and binary options that can be synonymous with scam or significant losses for individuals, the AMF has multiplied initiatives since 2011. The AMF has been acting since 2014 before the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris (TGI) to obtain, by court order, blocking access to these illicit websites.

Since the adoption of the Sapin II law in December 2016, this procedure has been simplified to allow faster action. Given the scale of the phenomenon (to date, AMF blacklists list 445 Forex sites and / or binary options not allowed), a hearing is now held at the IMT approximately every two months. In 2017, 7 hearings were held, resulting in 25 blocking orders requiring the closure of 52 Internet addresses. The only assignment or formal notice of the AMF has, moreover, allowed the effective closure of 22 additional addresses.

In total, since 2014, the procedures implemented by the AMF have resulted in 47 blocking orders requiring the closure of 96 web site addresses, to which must be added 42 closed addresses after the receipt of an order. procedure of the AMF, a total of 138 closed internet addresses. To ensure that the sites are effectively inaccessible to the public, the AMF monitors to prevent reopening after the court decision.


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